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Pull Up Equipment Tips and Reviews

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pullupicWhy Do Pull Ups?

Pull ups are one of the most basic yet most effective exercises you can do . Studies have shown that if the pull up was the only exercise you did, you could build a very impressive upper body.  In just one pull up, you are working more muscles than if you just did the popular Lat Pull Down at your local gym.

Muscles Being Used in a Pull Up:

Latissimus dorsi
Pectoralis major
Teres major
Pecoralis minor

With the right pull up equipment and technique not only will your strength in these muscles increase dramatically, but your upper body will become bigger and more defined. Moreover, the strength you derive from doing pull-ups will help you improve your performance in other exercises like the bench press or overhead press.

How do you choose the right bar?    If you want portability and easy set-up,  you should be looking for a doorway chin up bar with a cantilever design which uses your own body weight (up to 300 lbs.) to keep it in place. They latch on without screws, bolts or fasteners, and  won’t leave holes in your door trim. The best cantilever design I have found is the Creative Fitness Door Gym. It’s priced right and built to last.  If you need an extra fancy pull up station then you can go for the more expensive P90x Chin-Up Bar. This bar allows you to vary your hand grip more so than the average pull up bar. In third place comes the Everlast Multi Function Chinning Bar .You can’t go wrong with either of these three. They are the best reviewed bars on Amazon.

Creative Fitness Door Gym

P90X Chin-Up Bar

Everlast Multi Function Chinning Bar

If you’re considering buying one of the heavily advertised bars from television, please reconsider. Just because a product is advertised on TV doesn’t mean it is the best product you can buy. Believe me,  I had to learn this the hard way.  Out of all the exercise products and programs that I’ve ordered from television, the only one that has sincerely changed my life is the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Program. I’m sure you have a friend who has this program or have heard it meantioned somewhere in conversation. This is the real deal and if you follow the instructions, you can change your body in 90 days… guaranteed. The reason I’m mentioning P90X Extreme Home Fitness is because it is the perfect exercise program to use with your Pull Up Equipment since you will need a bar for your back routine. After you get your pull up bar and start using your P90X, you’ll turn into an unstoppable pull up machine.